Trying My Hand At 'Client Side'

The lens eventually swings home…

TY to my hunny Craig Knox for this capture in the old castle, Summer 2018.

TY to my hunny Craig Knox for this capture in the old castle, Summer 2018.

Over the better part of the last decade I’ve worked in digital communications and media. I take joy in presenting looks and feels in a cohesive manner, finding and telling the story that suits the mood.

I’ve written countless blogs, features, newsletters, social media/web copy, proposals, launch strategies, brand stories and bios; I’ve also kept a journal for most of my life, which I’ve openly shared with anyone who’s bored or looking to relate.

Documentation has always been a source of satisfaction for me - a healthy exercise in sorting out personal opinions when a large portion of my job is to assume the position of someone else’s.

It’s a slippery slope when I stop making time for my own hobbies and passions - especially when they coincide so closely with my work - so I’m adding ‘personal projects’ to my roster and showing up for myself like I do for my colleagues and clients. As someone who is constantly on the output, I need an outlet. We all do.

I am confident this platform will help illuminate some of the most precious and important areas of my life, reminding me why I started in the first place.

Like Jimmy Edgar said, u can make ur dreamz come true.

Follow through, follow through.

It is truly a pleasure taking your photo, building your website, plotting your social media presence and telling your story. Here’s mine.


Caitlin Varrin