Introducing Magic Hour Creative


A joint production between Caitlin Varrin and Craig Knox.


My partner Craig and I have been collaborating on our passions since we re-met at a party in the Summer of 2017. Two creatives on a very different path, we enjoyed talking nonstop about our work, comparing notes and exchanging ideas. I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned and continue to learn from my conversations with Craig every single day and I’m so excited to call him my partner on all fronts!

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From Vic Kids to Business partners: The Backstory

Our origin story dates back to junior high days at Victoria School of Performing and Visual Arts. He was (is) quiet and I was (am) loud; we said hi in the hallways and shared some classes together. Who knew 20 some years later we’d be sharing a roof over our heads and welcoming this little bundle of joy.

The most important and exciting facets of my career developed with the dynamite team at Social Lite Communications. I always say I was ‘raised in an agency’, working alongside some of the industry’s finest for the last 5+ years. I currently head up their photography department, collaborate on web projects and manage one of the agency’s very first clients: Ascendant Books. These amazing people have given me so many opportunities, taught me nearly everything I know and continue to support me in all the ways. They are my dear friends and the most incredible teachers I could ask for; I love growing with them and I take pride in calling them my colleagues.

Special shoutout to my wildly talented and patient photography mentor, Semi Vujcic. Check out his work here!


Back to my partner…

Craig flew the YEG coop shortly after we graduated high school to pursue a degree in industrial design at Concordia University in Montreal after completing the MacEwan Studio Arts Program. A wide-eyed creative, he was there to soak it all in. After his first semester (which included a photography class), he realized this was what he was after. He switched to a full blown Photography major and then capped off his first four year degree with ANOTHER degree in Film Production.

On paper, our paths are quite different, but we have shared interests our whole lives, unbeknownst, simultaneously and in opposite fashion (as we do). This comes in handy often; life is full of blindspots. Find someone who can do all the things you can’t and then teach each other - much as is the case with my other business partner and best bud of all time, Danielle Annicchiarrico, my co-cowgirl over at Lawless Vintage.

It doesn’t make sense to team up with another you, though I’m not opposed to cloning myself simply to catch up on sleep, travel and taxes. I digress.


So here we are, early 2019, launching our first official business venture as a team.


A video loop of some dreamwork shot by Craig for our clients last year. Also the chosen work to bring things to life on our landing page.


What’s in a name

‘Magic hour’ is known in film as the ‘sweet spot’ - the time of day when the sun is below the horizon, casting a perfect glow onto the world. Craig and I have tossed this name idea around for nearly a year, but Magic Hour was always scribbled in the corner of every planning session. Naming a business is hard!

In the fall of 2018 we registered for a small business course through Anderson Career Training Institute and spent the next 3 months learning the blindspots that we both shared. I can’t stress enough how important this was to get 6 hours a day, 5 days a week to conspire on our business with the help of mentors and professionals alike. But that’s for another blog…

We are currently finishing up the mentorship phase of our program and have been supported immensely along this path.


Magic Hour Creative aims to cast that same dusky glow onto everything we do. We care about the details; we are obsessed with making things special. Camerawork, websites, social media campaigns - our offerings have a strong creative backbone with attention to detail and beauty.

Do you believe in magic?


The Brand

This past year I have enjoyed diving into the world of branding, working with some amazing clients and collaborators to help bring new visions to life. I am passionate about ‘what it looks and feels like’.

The word ‘brand’ can feel impersonal when said on repeat, but it means ‘story’. As a storyteller, this fires me up. As a visual creative, this gives me wings.

Magic Hour Creative is enamoured with the sky - light and colour gradients at dawn and dusk are the truest beauty.

This past new years eve (day) we arrived home after a top notch evening with friends. We departed the Uber, looked up at the sky and spent the next ten minutes trying to pick our jaws up off the ground: the moon was PERFECT.

I’ve always been a fan of the waning crescent; it’s the best seat in the house. This particular moon was the brightest and most radiant one maybe I’ve ever seen, with a spectacular star positioned perfectly in luna’s concave space, just sparkling like a diamond. The radiance and energy of that moon gave us the answer to move forward with our branding.

Many world flags and symbolic pieces of history feature a crescent moon with a varying number of stars and meanings. You can read all about ‘star and crescent’ on Wikipedia. Also, who doesn’t love Sailor Moon… that’s the beauty of inspiration - it’s everywhere. Our inspiration started with the sky - the sun, the moon, the stars.

Isn’t it too dreamy? - Audrey Horne, Twin Peaks

We are currently working to complete our website and launch this baby into the world, officially. In the meantime, check out our landing page. Hope you like rainbows…

You can follow us on Instagram and watch for updates on all the outlets - we won’t be quiet for much longer.

Hello world, we are Magic Hour Creative!

Holy sh*t, that feels great to say!

Caitlin Varrin